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Curriculum Vitae


Name: Pascal Michel Bruno Vuylsteker

Current Position: IT Lecturer, Australian National University


1994 : D.E.A. Informatique Mathématique et Application.
Diploma of Advanced Studies in Mathematics and Computer science
(One-year postgraduate university degree required before doctoral studies, equivalent to Master of Science in Maths and Computer Graphics (MSc).)

1991 : DIPLÔME D'INGÉNIEUR de l'E.N.S.P.Ma. (ENSI : National School of Engineering)
(2+3-year technical degree in physics engineering(optics, electronics...) , equivalent to a Master of Science in Physics (MSc) or a Master of Engineering (MEng))

Professional Associations

  • GT-RV : French Working Group on Virtual Reality
  • ANU Apple User Group

Career Appointments

2001-current IT Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, Australian National University
1994-2000 Webmaster, Technical team leader, Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, France
1993-1993 Developper, Syseca, Paris, France
1993-1993 Teacher, Michel de Swaen High School, Dunkerque, France
1991-1991 Apprentice IT Engineer, Infodyne, Paris, France
1990-1990 Apprentice Engineer, Plasma Research Laboratory, Australian National University

Research Interests

Current research interest can be split in two areas.
On one side, there is GIS and geo-localisation, work based on various students projects, and in collaboration with a French research team from the CEA. That team provide the hardware, a 3D orientation tracker.
On the other side I am looking into the display of, and the navigation within full panoramic images.
The connection between these two fields concerns the use of panoramic images within GIS systems.

To support projects in the above areas I have been awarded (singularly and jointly) some grants from the Faculty, the French Embassy, the ARC (link grant in collaboration with Cofa), and the Apple University Consortium (AUC).

Teaching Experience

COMP1710 Tools for New Media and the Web,
COMP6443 Internetworked Virtual Reality
COMP6461/4610 Computer Graphics
COMP6701/6702/6703/6720 eScience Projects

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