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M. Pascal Vuylsteker

Lecturer at ANU



D.E.A. Informatique Mathématique et Application.
Diploma of Advanced Studies in Mathematics and Computer science

One-year postgraduate university degree required before doctoral studies, equivalent to Master of Science in Maths and Computer Graphics (MSc).
Computer graphics course
(Polytechnique, Ecole Normale Supérieure d'Ulm, Paris 6, 7 and 11)
DIPLÔME D'INGÉNIEUR de l'E.N.S.P.Ma. (ENSI : National School of Engineering)
2+3-year technical degree in physics engineering(optics, electronics...) , equivalent to a Master of Science in Physics (MSc) or a Master of Engineering (MEng) (École Nationale Supérieure de Physique de Marseille )

Employment history

06 / 2001 - current
IT Lecturer (Computer Graphics) (Canberra, Australia))

Academic at the Australian National University (ANU) in the eScience group of the Department of Computer Science

Teaching of Computer Graphics, Networked Virtual Reality and NewMedia

4 years
09 / 94 - 08 / 00
INA Webmaster (Bry-sur-Marne, near Paris, France)

Technical team leader for the portal "MediaPort" and INA's web site
INA is the French National Broadcasting Institute (government organization). Main activities are Video Archiving, Teaching, Research and Production related to Broadcasting.

6 years


Gardner, H., Johnson, C.W., Leach, G. and Vuylsteker, P. (2005). "eScience Curricula at Two Australian Universities". In Proc. Seventh Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2005), Newcastle, Australia. CRPIT, 42. Young, A. and Tolhurst, D., Eds., ACS. 211-216.

"eScience@ANU : a new teaching/research group in Australia" by Hugh Fisher, Henry Gardner, Rod Harris, Sam Taylor, Pascal Vuylsteker, David Walsh / VRIC 2002 Symposium / Laval Virtual / France

"Virtual Reality Techniques for Scientific Visualization" , Pajon J.L., Bui Tran V., Vuylsteker P., Guilloteau P., David J.
Proceedings of the 2nd Eurographics Workshop on Virtual Environments (January 1995). EG: European Association for Computer Graphics:

"Building and exploiting LODs : An overview and some VRML experiments" Pajon J.L. , Collenot Y., Lhomme X., Tsingos N. , Sillion F.X. , Guilloteau P. , Vuylsteker P. , Grillon G. , and David D. / VRML '95, Procedings of the 1995 Symposium on Virtual Reality Modeling Language, December 14-15, 1995, San Diego, CA, USA. ACM, 1995

"MediaPort : de l’Ecrit au Virtuel" ("MediaPort : from Textual to Virtual")
Panel "Arts en Réseaux" ("Networked Arts"). Imagina 96.
Cahiers de la Francophonie n°4 « Afrique, quel marché de la culture ? » ("Africa, is there a market for culture?"), October 1996: « Le MediaPort de l'INA, AfricaNet » . Ed : Organisation Internationale de La Francophonie.

Last important productions

ANU Tools for NewMedia and The Web COMP1710 / 04.

GPS without a GPS : getting a position by measuring angle. 1 assignment, 1 eScience project and 2 Software Engineer group project around the subject / 02-05.

"Teaching Computer Graphics and Networked Virtual Reality in the eScience group / ANU" Pascal Vuylsteker, OzViz02 / Sydney / 3,4 Dec 2002 (Australian congress).

"eScience@ANU : a new teaching/research group in Australia" by Hugh Fisher, Henry Gardner, Rod Harris, Sam Taylor, Pascal Vuylsteker, David Walsh / VRIC 2002 Symposium / Laval Virtual / France

"ManyPage : an Object Oriented tool to manage large web sites, without using a database" Pascal Vuylsteker, Pierre Cordani. ANU / 2002 / Department of Computer Science's Seminar

ANU Internetworked Virtual Reality Course / 02.

ANU Computer Graphics Course / 01. Web Site and release of ManyPage (an open source Perl tool) / 99.

INA's Intranet (French "Institut National de l'Audiovisuel") / 98.

"la 5ème's BPS" Audit (Banque de Programmes et de Services : Programs and Services Data bank).INA / 98.

Grants funding awarded

  • AUC World Wide Developers Conference 2005 Allocated Staff Scholarship
  • 2004 iCinema ARC-LIEF Grant : "240 x 360 degree digital video camera for interactive immersive visualization research applications"
  • AUDF Development Grant Information Pack for 2003 : "Port of the Access Grid Node Package to MacOSX"
    Attribution of a PowerMac G5
  • “Exploration of possible uses of angular position microtrackers”
    Budget : 2100 Euros for the visit to Australia of Dr Caritu (10 nights) provided by the Embassy of France in Australia (Call for project 2003).
    Return visit of Pascal Vuylsteker (second part of the call) provided by the DCS.
    Dr Yanis Caritu is working at CEA/LETI/DSIS in Grenoble France. The CEA-Léti is developing a set of sourceless angular position microtrackers combining different types of sensors.
  • Early Career Researchers Grant from the FRGS 2002 scheme : "Exploration of possible uses of angular position microtrackers". Budget $10k

Teaching Experience

COMP1710 Tools for New Media and the Web,
COMP6443 Internetworked Virtual Reality
COMP6461/4610 Computer Graphics
COMP6701/6702/6703/6720 eScience Projects

Professional Associations

  • GT-RV : French Working Group on Virtual Reality
  • ANU Apple User Group


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