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IT Consultant, Internet Project Leader, Web standarts and MacOSX evangelist.
Extensive knowledge of the Internet: 14 years' experience encompassing all aspects of web sites and other internet tools deployment. Strong engineering background. Experienced in research and teaching. Practical minded, with an innovative approach to problem-solving. Able to handle a large volume of work. Good relationship with people.

Objectif :
To join the adventure of the renewable energy and sustainable development domains,
to feed them with concepts and experiences from the Internet revolution.
Objectif :
To keep surfing on the digital wave
(Internet, Geolocation/GIS, Panoramic Images, Virtual Reality).
Potential workplaces :
Paris, Grenoble, Chambéry, Cluny, Chalon-sur-Saône, Nantes, Pau, South of France, Australia, California, Japan, World.

7, Place de l'Adjudant Vincenot
75020 Paris
Tel.: +33 6 89 98 31 38

French / Australian


05 / 09 - / - 6 months Information Systems Manager at CEMS (Jouy-en-Josas, France)
Project Management. CEMS is a Global Alliance in Management Education. In practice, the association manage information coming from 28 academic institutions, 57 corporate partners, thousands of Alumni and more than 800 new students a year. I have the responsibility of the full information systems : from the back office, to the complete revamping of the outmoded web site. This job implies interactions with the alliance various stakeholders, and prioritisation of the requests. On the production side, there is the management of a developer and dealing with various providers.
10 / 06 -05 /09 3 years IT Consultant at Opsomai (Paris, France)
Expertise: NewMedia (Web2.0, Ajax, Prototype ...), Video archives management, MacOSX/Cocoa programming, panoramic imagery and media geolocation
Technical research. Proposition of an reasoned shortlist of web based solutions for the B2B and B2C video delivery platform of the French Broadcasting Institute (INA). Selection of an open source ECM (Enterprise Content Management) platform for INA's intranet. Project Manager and Ajax developer for Orao : a QuickTime based web video player that fully emulate a professional video tape recorder user interface (jog shuttle, frame by frame...).
06 /  01 - 08 / 06 5 years IT Lecturer (New Media, Web, Computer Graphics, VR) at ANU (Canberra, Australia)
Academic at the Australian National University (ANU) in the eScience group of the Department of Computer Science (in charge of the first Department's Masters)
Creation, management and teaching of courses : "NewMedia" (Web2.0, Ajax, video & sound codecs), "Computer Graphics" and "Networked Virtual Reality".
Management of Masters student's projects.
Research interests : panoramic imagery and media geolocation (GIS : Geographic Information System)
09 / 94 - 08 / 00 6 years INA Webmaster (Bry-sur-Marne, near Paris, France)
Technical team leader for the portal "MediaPort" and INA's web site (supervised a staff of 4 technicians.)
INA is the French National Broadcasting Institute (government organisation). Main activities are Video Archiving, Teaching, Research and Production related to Broadcasting.
Launched the Internet and web activity within INA from the very first web site in 94 to the intranet.
Participated actively in organising international conferences (Imagina, Monaco).
Designed and implemented large web site production tools.
Strong vision in the selection of technologies used and developed by the team (Apache, Perl, MySQL, QuickTime...).
Involved in internet training program for French broadcasters.
Lobbying to develop the Internet in France. Technological survey on Virtual Reality
Involved in various publications and manifestations
04 - 08 / 94 5 months Marne la Vallée University web site (Noisy-le-Grand, near Paris, France)
DEA Training course at the Computer Graphics Laboratory (C.I.G.)
Research interest :
Scientific visualisation : How to represent abstract data in 3 dimensions
How to introduce the 3rd dimension to the Web : VRML
07 - 09 / 93 3 months SYSECA (Computer engineering and maintenance company, Paris)
Develop a Producer-Injector of messages with intent to validate a software package.
Treated fields: Lexical and syntactic analysis (lex, yacc), Unix graphic interface. C.
01 - 06 / 93 6 months Michel de Swaen High School (Dunkerque, North of France)
Teaching technology to grades eight and nine.
04 - 07 / 91 4 months INFODYNE (R & D start-up in computing, Southern Paris)
Programming the module "skirting of obstacle" for an autonomous vehicle.
Treated fields: algorithmic geometry, graphic interface and dynamic management of the memory. C.
09 - 11 / 90 3 months Plasma Research Laboratory - Australian National University (Canberra, Australia)
Computerization of a data acquisition: the plasma density distribution.
Treated fields: data acquisition card management, Object Oriented Programming. Pascal.


Servers HTTP (Apache, Netscape), News, FTP
Indexation, Media Stream (QuickTime, MPEG)
Perl, Shell, Javascript
Firefox, Blog, Safari, skype, wget
From vi to Dreamweaver
C (Unix, Objective/Cocoa), Javascript (Prototype), ActionScript, Perl, Shell, Java, PHP, Pascal, Fortran, Applescript ...
UNIX (MacOSX, Sun, Silicon Graphics, NetBSD, Linux), Macintosh, DOS, Windows ...
Word, Excel, OmniGraffle, Photoshop, GoogleEarth, SkechUp, Xcode (IDE), TextMate, AutopanoPro...


05 - 06 Panberra : a new website on Panoramic images in Canberra (Canberra)
01 - ... Father of two (Earth)
01 - 03 Woodworking (Canberra)
98 - 99 Pari-Roller (Paris)
Every Friday evening, thousands (up to 30000 in summer) of Parisians put on their rollers for a 3 hour ride trough Paris' streets. I used to belong to the team of volunteers that help everything to go off peacefully.
97 - 98 Université Ouverte (Open university) (Paris)
The open university is an association and a place where volunteers teach French, mathematics, computing... to anybody and especially people with low ressources (unemployed, immigrants...).
91 - 92 Military service period (Paris)
Professor (mathematics, physics...) within the Paris Fire Brigade.
88 - 91 Community life (Marseille, France)
Member of the Student Council of my Engineering School
Person in charge of the Photo Club, School newspaper chief editor. School club treasurer.
84 - 90 Seasonal employment (Drôme, Tarn et Garonne, France)
Swimming pool life guard and poolman. Holiday camp activity leader.


93 - 94 D.E.A. Informatique Mathématique et Application. (Paris)
Filière Informatique Géométrique. Diploma of Advanced Studies in Mathematics and Computer science. One-year postgraduate university degree required before doctoral studies, equivalent to Master of Science in Maths and Computer Graphics (MSc).
Computer graphics course
(Polytechnique, Ecole Normale Supérieure d'Ulm, Paris 6, 7 and 11)
88 - 91 Diplôme d'Ingénieur de l'E.N.S.P.Ma / EGIM / Centrale Marseille. (Marseille, France)
3-year technical degree in physics engineering (optics, electronics...), equivalent to a Master of Science in Physics (MSc) or a Master of Engineering (MEng)
(École Nationale Supérieure de Physique de Marseille is today known as Centrale Marseille)
86 - 88 Mathématiques Supérieures et Spéciales P' au lycée Faidherbe. (Lille, France)
Intensive undergraduate physics and maths studies to prepare competitive exams for admission to French "grandes écoles" (ENSI : National School of Engineering equivalent to a Master of Science)
86 Baccalauréat C (maths and physics) (Dunkerque, France)
French secondary school diploma


English Fluent Teaching at Masters level in Australia for 5 years, international worshops.
French First language


Australia, Belgium, Benin, Holland, Morocco, Portugal, Singapour, UK, USA,...
Panoramic Photography, Horse-riding (TREC), Rollerblading (Paris, Sydney), Paragliding, Woodworking.

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